Our Books

To view our books, go to our online bookstore at www.hiselbooks.com, or keep reading to learn about our book publishing model.

Our Book Publishing Model

Hisel Media's book publishing division has three main goals:

1. Publish exceptional books

2. Fair pay

3. Help charitable causes

Great Books

A great book gives you a special feeling. When you are finished reading it, you can't stop thinking about the story. You keep gazing at the cover and opening up the book and skimming over the words. It's easy to know when you enjoy the story, but the design of the book isn't always obvious to the casual observer. Usually it either feels right or it doesn't. The truth is that good cover and interior design lend a lot to the reading experience, which is why we take extra time to ensure every part of each book we publish is perfect.

Our writers and editors comb over the text to fine tune the story. Our artists and designers study the stories in order to create graphics and layouts that match the tone of the book, and they use typefaces, line spacing and colors that increase legibility for a wide range of audiences. We treat each book like a piece of art. In an era where companies strive to automate everything and use premade templates to increase speed and lower costs, Hisel Media stands out. Cookie cutter designs just aren't our thing. Each book we publish has been labored over by many hands. It takes a lot of work, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Fair Profit Sharing

We don't think it's cool when book publishers get rich while writers starve. Hisel Media splits its profits 50/50 with its writers. Our editors, graphic artists, marketers and etc. all receive fair compensation for their work.


All of us at Hisel Media feel strongly about helping others, which is why a percentage of the profits from every book we publish is donated to charity. Our authors take part in choosing the charities, so each book supports a different cause. Visit our charities page to learn about the charities we support.