About Hisel Media

Hisel Media produces and publishes books, mobile apps, games, video content and various other types of entertainment and educational products.

Why We Started Hisel Media

Before we started Hisel Media, we were working in the publishing, entertainment and tech industries, happily taking part in the creation process, but there were some things we didn't like. We saw an imbalance between creators and companies. Writers, editors, artists, software designers and etc. worked hard for little pay. Companies stifled creativity and cut corners in the name of market analysis and profit predictions. Creators were unhappy and customers received inferior products.

Our Business Philosophy

We realized the definition of "company" identified the base of the problem and provided the solution. There are three definitions for company. The first definition is "a business entity that sells products or goods for money." That is the only definition companies traditionally follow. The top priority for these company owners is profit. We wanted a company that served everyone involved, including employees, contractors and customers, which meant following the other two definitions as well. The second definition is "being with another person or people." People are the center of our company. We team up with creators to develop their vision, share profits fairly and take pride in providing customers with great products. We also seek ways to help the community. The third definition is "spending time with people or things you enjoy." Our love for what we do shows through in our work environment and products.

With our company philosophy defined, we started Hisel Media. We are excited to share our newly released books with you. (Other project releases will be announced soon.) Take a look at our books on our online bookstore.